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Why Yoga on donation


In Yoga, traditionally, the teachings are bestowed freely.

The teacher accepts a donation, daana, in exchange.​ The word Dāna, also translated as generosity, does not indicate a payment for goods or services rendered; it is given from the heart. Your generosity is a gift that supports not just the teachers, but also the Sangha (community), and your own practice.

Everyone knows about the physical and mental benefits of Yoga as extensively reported in many available sources! For this reason, I have decided to not try to explain what can be found somewhere else in more details but to draw your attention on the following thing:

I always thought that certain practices, which are fundamental for the development and well being of every person, should be accessible to everyone.

Most of the time, retreats or also weekly classes are too expensive to afford if you are not having the most fortunate period of your life. And it is precisely in this period where you might need these practices the most!

With this in mind, I began to offer classes on donation with the purpose of giving an opportunity to practice Yoga to everyone and also to create a platform where you can support the community.

How much is reasonable?


Please feel free to donate according to your financial situation, to how much you enjoyed our offer and to how much you want to support us and make sure we can be there for everyone.

My idea of donation follows the model: 'If you are in need, give what you can and feel supported! If you are fine, support as you can!'


I'm counting on a responsible community where you will donate bearing in mind that your donation supports the people that can donate less.

Many people ask us what an average amount for a class would be. With the only purpose of giving a mere indication, I write here what a possible guideline could be:

   -   you have a regular salary                     20-30 CHF

   -   you are a student                                 try to hit 20 CHF

   -   life is hard on you at the moment      can you invest 10 CHF?

   -   you have absolutely no possibility     feel welcome to just come 

   -   you have a great salary                       consider to donate for who cannot

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