AM I YOUR coach? 

At we believe that true empowerment lies in the wisdom of who we are: bare and full. With this we mean that everyone is already "full" with everything they need in their "bare" nature. If we connect to who we really are we can easily tap into this fullness.

Fulfilment in life or empowerment does not come from outside but it is rather something that we all have within and waits to be unveiled. It's always right there, we just need the right key.

Besides working on your concrete question (career, goals, confidence, life purpose, etc.), we use the work we do to look beyond your question and more precisely we want to look at who is asking this question. It is in the deep understanding of "who is asking" that lies the power of becoming independent and being able to fiercely face any future challenge. In this sessions we operate a neurological re-mapping!


Neurological re-mapping 

A typical session features three steps, however I suggest to distribute these steps in a program of three sessions (scroll down).

1) Compassionate listening:

-   you speak out stories, concerns, all is in your mind.

-   I listen and feel you.

Compassionate listening in an ancient Buddhist healing practice. It is the ability to listen to another’s grief or pain in a way that will reduce their feelings of sorrow.  By listening and understanding a person’s suffering from a non judgmental space, we can help this person begin to heal through self-reflection.

2) Patterns identification
Together we identify patterns and behavioural maps you operate upon. 
This includes identifying limiting beliefs of who you are and who you should be, recognising unhealthy behaviours, dig out negative self-talk that might disempower you, etc.

Most of our actions are unconscious, think about driving a car or a bike: your unconscious mind is driving while your conscious one is busy with other things. 

Your unconscious mind drives most of your behaviours and defines who you are. In the East it is called Karma: the actions of the past have created some preferred unconscious patterns, which correspond to specific neural paths; you find yourself operating out of them without wanting to. This process is called ripening of karmic memory traces.

In this step we look at your unconscious mind. 


3) Neurological re-mapping

Your behaviours correspond to defined paths or maps in your brain. If you have always operated along certain lines, these paths are strong but not impossible to discard. It is the same as saying you have a strong karma. This is what defines your reaction to any event.

Your reactions are unique and different than anyone else's. Why do you get angry at certain things that make others laugh or leave them indifferent? That's because of your karma, or your neurological map. A map is pretty much an idea and, as every idea, it merely represents a perspective and not the absolute truth. We can replace this idea with a new one that will allow you to live a more fulfilling life. The new idea will also be a perspective, but one that serves you better.

When we are in the non-conceptual state that can be achieved through meditation, we have the opportunity to look at our neural connection maps and consciously decide to rewrite it with a new one.

The results are amazing! 

We can change beliefs as "I'm not good enough" to "I can easily do it" or "I do not deserve it" to "I am full of merits" and so on.

This is achieved by reconnecting you to your successful, empowered, confident self.

This self lies within you and you can operate out of it easily. I only help you to find it in your experience and reconnect to it.

If what you just read resonates with you allow me to take you on this wonderful and empowering journey!



Book a one-to-one session of 60 min for the cost of 150 CHF.


Book a program of three sessions of 75 min for the cost 290 CHF.

I purposely made these sessions longer and applied a big discount because I believe in this program and I really want you to be able to afford it and get the benefits of a remap! 

The three sessions will be structured as written below and you will receive exercises to do between the sessions. In this way we really maximise the outcome of your effort!



  • I hold a space of compassionate listening, you tell me your story.

  • We identify patterns and maps you operate upon. I introduce you to our meditation tools and we start to practice.


  • We dive deeper into your patterns.

  • We start the re-mapping.


  • We continue the re-mapping.

  • We define future strategies and tools.


After completion of the program I will be glad to offer you any further session, if you wish, for only 120 CHF.


I'm looking forward to receiving your message and see how I can support you! 


Thank you for your interest in our activities!

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