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I regularly offer talks and lectures on science, spirituality, extreme sports and topics as courage and fears. These are all fields in which I worked and experienced in first person.

I've been hosted in private and public events, a number of them organised within ETH environments.

On topics different than these, I have been speaking at a large number of international academic conferences everywhere around the world from the United States to China and published my research on scientific journals and books.

I can stretch my time from a 20 minute talk to a two hours full lecture or also to a lecture series to match the constrains of different types of events and schedules.

When it fits, I also lead short meditation sessions within the event in order to give an experiential understanding to the audience along with the intellectual one.


I am trained to address multicultural audiences from scientists to lay persons. Normally the audience stays very attentive and engages in question and discussions.

Science and spirituality

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I’m a scientist, I’m curious and above all I’m an experimenter , I like to play with things to understand and experience them better; in the lab as well as in life. In the last years I had the honor to receive many Tibetan Buddhists teachings. Putting them into practice with the best open-minded skepticism attitude I could have, I went through a deep journey. A journey that became an organizing principle for all other activities in my life. Being a scientist, I started to wonder how much and if at all this journey could be supported by our western view of the world. Well, digging into modern physics, psychology and neuroscience it turns out that Buddhist teachings and the latest cutting edge western findings have mainly one big difference: the language! With language I mean the terminology and the approach to the topic. I am thrilled to share with you a journey hunting for parallelisms and similarities. I will pay my best effort, in total respect of the two traditions to stick to what is peer reviewed in western science and to what is written in the ancient eastern texts. We will see together how much western findings back up meditation experiences and how these two disciplines are less apart then what one might guess.

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extreme sports and meditation

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the potential of a still mind

Tranquil forest



What does it mean to be here and now? We often hear that but what is really the thing we refer as “the present moment”?

The society that we have created often leads us to spin around between many different activities but what would happen if we switched off these inputs? What could we learn from an experience of introspection? Would our thoughts dissolve and how would that feel? What would there be instead?

In this event, Salvatore will lead us to analyse what thoughts are from the perspective of neuroscience and meditation. We will see how the idea that “we are our thoughts” is fundamentally wrong. We will learn that we can slow down the inner chattering and see the potential of a mind that can rest in stillness.  

Thoughts, analytical processes and intellectual elaborations are wonderful and exquisite tools and as every tool we can consciously decide when to use it and when to switch it off.

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what it is and where to start


Photo: Stefan Geisse

Summer of Love

Yoga Festival 2020

This talk is addressing business circles and company events. We go throught the main benefits of meditation and see how it can be integrated into your everyday busy life and help you reducing stress, prevent burn outs and live you a better life!

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Time is an illusion:

what your meditation friend means and why she is right!

Astonomical Clock

We take a look at the concept of "time" from different perspectives:
- our perceptions
- neuroscience
- physics
- contemplative science

We see how "time" is just a concept and why meditators can perceive time as non-existing.

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