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Thanks a lot!

Sometimes you can feel a little lonely in the world, Salva and his class really made me feel connected to the world and myself in a way I hadn't in a very long time. 

- - -

Your are great, thanks a lot!

- Ernesto Neto -

(about the production of this video)

Thank you Salva for showing me how it feels to just let go

- - -

Your lecture on science and spirituality was the most inspiring and deep of the whole event. thank you!

-  Citra -

With his personality and knowledge, Salva creates in his classes a space that combines being very playful with growing trust and finding balance between human beings as well as working on very finesses of the own body and mind during exercises. This makes acro to a powerful group and individual experience!

- Giulia -

Salva creates a wonderful space of connection: connection with others, with our bodies, with our playfulness.

- Jannes -

Salva is a great teacher who knows how to take care of everyones body and soul.

- Elke -

Salvatore non é solo un esperto nel suo campo ma é anche una splendida persona che lavora con passione, onestà e consapevolezza. Grazie Salva!

- Angela -

Salvatore guided me through my very first acro yoga session. His warm and embracing spirit makes him the ideal teacher, a person who knows how to see and hear what his students need. I find him an extremely easy person to talk to and to connect with. A great listener and someone who can inspire you with very simple actions or words.

I feel blessed to have encountered him! 

- Chiara D. -

Salva was my first AcroYoga teacher when I started 3 years ago and I learned so much more than just this beautiful practice from him. He always ensures to create a space where everybody can grow and develop unique skills. I am beyond grateful that I got to learn from the best & highly recommend any of Salvas classes! And now that I am a teacher myself, I have even more respect and admiration for you, Salva! 

- Lisa Stähli -

Salva, your quote about Mind and Body is very good. It summaries the entirety of human life.

- Amit Patil -

Thank you Salva for being as you are and teaching and inspiring us (me) so much.

It's such a pleasure!

- Albert a.k.a. YogaFlake -

I had the chance to meet Salva when I started to practice yoga here in Switzerland. I can say, I actually started to really practice Yoga with him, since he showed me what Yoga really is, for the first time.

I am so grateful to him for this. I decided to start a teacher training myself, and an incredible journey started for me since then. Salva is both a savy person, yet easy going and super accessible. Full of resources, always spreading good vibes around him... 
- Raffaella - 

Salva, thank you for not only teaching us some amazing acro yoga poses and flows over the years but also for creating a space where we could grow to trust each other.

- - -

I cannot summarise in a few sentences what Salva gives. It's about his presence... so hard to describe.

- B.P. -

Salva's emotional and technical competence creates an environment that feels very safe and engaging. I highly recommend his class if you wish to start or advance your AcroYoga practice.

 - Robin -

I love Salva’s classes & teachings 

- it’s always lifting up my mood. 

It’s wonderful that it’s Open for everyone and the classes are on donation. It feels always like a present I get when I go there...

I was told that in Switzerland donation-classes do not work and I believed it. But Salva’s offer inspired me to also give classes on donation and I love it. It’s like giving and getting presents and it’s connecting people...

- Tinufiel -

I had the chance to attend the acroyoga workshop with Salva yesterday and was blessed with it.

In a playful, warm and inviting atmosphere, I was able to test my body and soul by experiencing the evolution that I have been through during the last year that has not been an easy one.

The feeling that still fluctuates in my being is that I am on the right track and it does not often happen to receive such important confirmations in life.

Thank you Salva!

 - Grazia Bonsignore -

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