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AM I YOUR coach? 

At we believe that true empowerment lies in the wisdom of who we are: bare and full. With this we mean that everyone is already "full" with everything they need in their "bare" nature. If we connect to who we really are we can easily tap into this fullness.

Empowerment does not come from outside but it is rather something that we all have within and waits to be unveiled. 


Along with working on your concrete questions (career, goals, confidence, life purpose, etc.), we will look beyond these and more precisely we will discover who is asking them. It is in the deep understanding of "who is asking" that lies the power of becoming independent and being able to fiercely face any future challenge.

Choose your path

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Neural Re-Map

3 sessions

A three session program where we dive deep into the way you function and we change it for the better!

Results are amazing!

290 CHF

3 sess.  75min online

Zen Stones

Energetic Body Re-set

1 sessions

A mixture of intuitive Reiki, soft massage and conversational exchanges inspired also by W-Reich to release energetic blockages through a mixed body-mind approach.

150 CHF

1 sess.  75min in person

Wild Nature

Life Coaching

1 session

One hour in which we talk about you and what occupies your mind in this period with the goal of personal growth, empowerment and transformation.

120 CHF

1 hour online


Hatha Yoga Session for 1 or 2 persons

To start your Yoga journey with a good foundation and alignment


to deepen your asana practice and unlock new potential.

Carefully, tailored instructions :)

150 CHF

1 sess.  75min in person


Immune Sys Re-boot

1 session

Through a particular mixture of breathing techniques we achieve clarity of mind and great stress relief in combination with stillness and alkalinization of the body. 

Your immune system will reboot!

60 CHF

30 min online


AcroYoga Session for 1 or 2 persons

To start your Acro Yoga journey


to clean up bad habits that prevent you to progress.

Foundation and alignment along with clear actions and connection!

150 CHF

1 sess.  75min in person

Neurological re-map 

This program merges knowledge and wisdom coming from many disciplines as meditation, western neurological-psychology and eastern psychology.

In three sessions we look at the way you work in this world, identify behavioural patterns and give you the tools to change them.

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In brief we together reconnect your current self to your empowered, fearless self that lyes within you. 

Three steps interwoven in three sessions!

STEP 1 - Compassionate listening:

-   you speak out stories, concerns, all is in your mind.

-   I listen and feel you.

Compassionate listening in an ancient Buddhist healing practice. It is the ability to listen to another’s grief or pain in a way that will reduce their feelings of sorrow.  By listening and understanding a person’s suffering from a non judgmental space, we can help this person begin to heal through self-reflection.

STEP 2 - Patterns identification
Together we identify patterns and behavioural maps you operate upon. 
This includes identifying limiting beliefs of who you are and who you should be, recognising unhealthy behaviours, dig out negative self-talk that might disempower you, etc.

Most of our actions are unconscious, think about driving a car or a bike: your unconscious mind is driving while your conscious one is busy with other things. 

Your unconscious mind drives most of your behaviours and defines who you are. In the East it is called Karma: the actions of the past have created some preferred unconscious patterns, which correspond to specific neural paths; you find yourself operating out of them without wanting to. This process is called ripening of karmic memory traces.

In this step we look at your unconscious mind. 


STEP 3 -Neurological re-mapping

Your behaviours correspond to defined paths or maps in your brain. If you have always operated along certain lines, these paths are strong but not impossible to discard. It is the same as saying you have a strong karma. This is what defines your reaction to any event.

Your reactions are unique and different than anyone else's. Why do you get angry at certain things that make others laugh or leave them indifferent? That's because of your karma, or your neurological map. A map is pretty much an idea and, as every idea, it merely represents a perspective and not the absolute truth. We can replace this idea with a new one that will allow you to live a more fulfilling life. The new idea will also be a perspective, but one that serves you better.

When we are in the non-conceptual state that can be achieved through meditation, we have the opportunity to look at our neural connection maps and consciously decide to rewrite it with a new one.

The results are amazing! 

We can change beliefs as "I'm not good enough" to "I can easily do it" or "I do not deserve it" to "I am full of merits" and so on.

This is achieved by reconnecting you to your successful, empowered, confident self.

This self lies within you and you can operate out of it easily. I only help you to find it in your experience and reconnect to it.

If what you just read resonates with you allow me to take you on this wonderful and empowering journey!

Life coaching - single session

Sometimes we feel like we are not really connected with a purpose or do not have clear directions.

Symptoms that we are in this state may be anxiety, stress, feeling of helplessness and apathy along with poor sleep and an underlying feeling of dissatisfaction.

Most of the time, we are not even able to describe how we feel while some other times we have the impression that we know what the cause of our state is and what triggers it.

In both cases, even when we have a certain understanding of our state of mind, we seem not to be able to regain joy of life and the symptoms described above persist.

If you feel this speaks to you, why don't you gift yourself with a possibility of changing this state? 

Together we can get to the root cause of your concerns and eradicate it. We can work either starting with the body, with physical exercises and breath work or with the mind, using meditation and contemplative techniques.

Normally, a single session is divided in two steps:

1 - Compassionate listening, a practice which is described above.

2 - We either practice with the body and the breath or we enter a guided meditation on the topics you have exposed.

Typically this supports you in taking a different perspective. You identify less with the current concerns and therefore you can more readily see solutions. Also, you start to see things in perspective and better identify crucial issues to tackle.

The solution to any problem is most of the time just in front of us. We do not see it because we are too engaged with the problem. With a custom-guided meditation, for example, we can take a bit of distance from the problem and open a space where seeing a possible solution is easier. The solution comes from within, from our own wisdom.

I am excited to support you in designing your own path to happiness and freedom!

Immune system re-boot

Through a particular mixture of breathing techniques we achieve clarity of mind and great stress relief in combination with stillness and alkalinization of the body. Techniques known from ancient times like pranayama, kumbhaka, Tibetan tummo and hyperventilation are here blended to lead you balancing the two opposite forces of alertness and relaxation. When only relaxed but not alert we are probably dull or sleepy. On the other opposite, being only alert but not relaxed we are likely to be stiff and agitated.

This is valid for both mind and body. 

If we are dull or stressed our immune system does not work efficiently. In case of dullness, it does not act in time, in case of stress it overreacts. It is because we mostly live a stressful life that we encounter so many auto-immune diseases and physicians prescribe immuo-suppressive drugs. 

We have the ability to tap into our immune system and regulate it. The chemistry that your breathing can produce it is very effective.

These are learning by doing sessions that bring immediate results!

Neuro Remap
Immune Reboot
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