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Salva’s teaching style is precise and light-heartened, based upon detailed alignment instruction for mind and body. It has influences from his Tibetan Meditation practice and studies and his Anusara Yoga training.

Salva spares no effort to create and hold a supportive and protected space where his students feel comfortable to deepen their practice.

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AcroYoga playfully joins elements from Yoga with the dynamic energy of Partner Acrobatic. Through this combination, the practitioner awakens and develops a deep awareness of his balance, body tension and concentration.
Normally we practice Yoga on Earth, sometimes on Water. Have you ever practiced on an element that actually has feelings? If this idea triggers your curiosity then welcome to AcroYoga!

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Stretch & Meditation


Wednesdays 12.10 - 12.55

For those who want to take care about their body and mind within a quick lunch break with no need to change clothes.

Sitting on your office chair or on a pillow, we will gently stretch out the body and then enter a relaxing meditation. 

We reach stillness and spaciousness in our bodies and minds.

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Rei-ki is the Japanese word for Universal Energy (ki, chi or prana). It is a holistic, hands on, healing practice.

​Developed in 1922 by the Buddhist practitioner Mikao Usui in Japan, Reiki is described as an alternative therapy in the West. Reiki practitioners use a hands-on healing technique to encourage emotional or physical healing working with the subtle energy ki, most of the time better known with the word prana.

After reaching level 2 certification, I have developed my own way of using this technique. My personal method is strongly rooted in the experiences attained in my meditation practice.

What classical Reiki is can be easily found online. Coming from a western scientific background I feel to add a few words to bridge the wisdom of the East with the knowledge of the West. Western physicians, mostly without realizing it, know the effectiveness of techniques like Reiki, even if most of them will not admit it. The term they use to describe documented successful healing processes attained with these techniques is “placebo”. You probably know what the common interpretation of the word placebo is, I will give here my understanding of it.

In my opinion, placebo is the capability of the mind of healing the body. This capability, known for millennia, can be triggered spontaneously and by a number of techniques aimed to induce self-trust in the patient.

It might need a practitioner to start it up but it is totally possible to activate it on one’s own. Most of the genuine, documented phenomena that we call “healing miracles” because of ignorance fall in this category. Your mind has the capability of healing your body and you know it. If you have forgot it because you were led to not trust yourself, then Reiki or any other similar therapy might be a good reminder!

What written above if founded on decays of peer-reviewed western scientific literature.

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Lunar massage is the therapeutic healing practice coming  AcroYoga. The receiver is passive and let themselves hang to the feet of the practitioner and be mobilised to stretch, twist and massage them.

Normally a session of one hour has periods of hanging alternated to Thai Yoga massage manoeuvres. 

It is a very effective way to totally release the weight from your spine and elongate it organically.

You will feel a sense of space and relief both in body and mind. 

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