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mind coaching

My body is a vehicle to explore the world within and around me

My heart-mind is the world within and around me


great to meet you,

I'm Salva

I'm the creator of, thank you for your visit, and yes: it is really me in every picture :)

Bareful's vision is that every-single-one of us is born bare and yet is already full. Full of bareness in a way, which is actually all we need to live a meaningful happy life!

For me ultimate happiness lies in the deep understanding of who we really are and how we connect and interconnect with the world around us. In one word: investigating Nature!

As I think that happiness is a basic right, most of my offers are donation-based, such that everyone can benefit from it!

I am here to support your pursue of happiness with specifically designed training methods and classes for the mind and for the body!

Have a tour through the website and discover how!



here is How

I Can

support You

true power is not shown by loud voice or large gestures but just by calm and focus


neurological remap

Immune system reboot​

Energy work

the body has its own intelligence and communication means beyond the intellect

Hatha Yoga​

Acro Yoga

Yoga intuitive dance

Contact improvisation

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